IBG Models Bofors Gun Tractor in 1/72 Scale

I finished another very cool truck from the Polish company IBG Models. This time a towing vehicle for the British Bofors anti aircraft gun. I always enjoy building their kits and they do produce a wide variety of different models at very decent value. My only criticism is sometimes the parts have too many connection points and removal and clean up can be annoying. This one was also a bit tricky getting the cab put together as lining everything up is more a trial and error thing rather than having specific guide holes or slots. I added a driver as they do not supply one. You have to have someone in control! I used normal cement glue on the windows and windscreen which was not good enough and my windshield fell in after i had completed the kit. So i suggest using super glue instead…..

I wanted to do the mickey mouse camo scheme which is one of my favourites. I also added two relaxed looking passengers in the back, from AB figures as usual. This was a fun build and an excellent addition to my growing fleet of British vehicles.

Zvezda 20mm German Flak Gun in 1/72 Scale

This was a tiny quick build from Zvezda. I like their little kits as they are really handy for filling holes in your forces cheaply and quickly. Only a few bits but those bits are nicely detailed. This one only took me a few minutes to assemble. You need to leave the seated gunner off until everything is painted. I added an Esci spare officer i had pointing at something probably a badger appearing in the hedgerows. I put the whole thing on a small MDF base with some Value Gear sandbags. Here they are defending a ruined house with their tow and a Puma scuttling past in the background.

Revell Sd Kfz 7/1 in 1/72 Scale

I am slowly getting through my pile of kits and have had my eye on this one for a while. I recently made an old Esci AA gun on the back of an Opel Blitz, and this was another in my stash of Anti Aircraft vehicles. Revell make very nice model kits which are always excellent to build and this was no different.
This is an armoured halftrack with a quadruple 20mm gun on the back. You can model the gun in firing position with the sides of the halftrack lowered into a flatbed or leave them up in travel mode. I left my sides up as if the vehicle was on the move.

The kits is very nicely moulded and has good detail. The tracks are particularly nice and although the instructions say put them in warm water before attaching to the wheels, i didnt need to. They are flexible plastic and in one piece, which again makes a change from nasty rubber or vinyl, or fiddly link and length.
I did have to drill a few holes for some the external details and you do have to drill a few holes in the back of the halftrack too. The trailer at the back is a nice easy build and i added a few bits of stowage on the top. Be really careful with the gun barrels as they are very delicate, you can probably get metal replacements somewhere.
Its a fun kit to build and would look excellent in firing position with some crew firing it.

German Motorbikes Zvezda and Italeri 1/72 Scale

It is always good to have some super speedy reconnaissance vehicles with machine guns. Like having sharks with laser beams attached to their heads. Also good. Zvezda produce a great little motorbike and sidecar for a few dollars. The kit is very simple and only a few parts, will go together in minutes. Just remember to keep the riders separate for painting as it is too tricky to paint them once they are glued in position. This does mean that you have to leave the front part of the sidecar off so you can fit the passenger in once he is painted. This was the only piece that was tricky to do and i had to do some surgery to get the last piece to fit in. I also dumped the plastic base it came with and made my own from MDF as usual. Great kit and great value. I might buy some more!

The Italeri kit comes in a larger pack with two single bikes and two motorbikes with sidecars. You get extra figures to make different options, with helmets or caps, and an LMG or SMG in the sidecar. So that’s nice you can vary how you build your bikes. Kits are again very simple and take minutes to put together. The only thing is i had to use super glue as the plastic rejected all my usual plastic cement. I also tossed the supplied bases away and made my own. Each passenger and rider has a bum toggle that i removed so positioning was easier. That way you are not trying to shove the toggle into the hole in the seat. Just glue the dudes on. Again another good kit and nice to have options. Great value as you get four bikes in each box.

I painted them all German grey and the figures field grey. Added some dust, but kept the process simple. I actually have the other two bikes from the Italeri kit I finished a few years back, and I may have to redo them in the same way.

Cromwell Tanks from Armourfast, Revell and Airfix

I have spent the past couple of weeks finishing up six Cromwell tanks. Three from Armourfast, two from Airfix and one Revell kit. This will finish up my required Cromwell units for Normandy. I think thirteen Cromwells is more than enough for any battle! These are made up of eight from Armourfast (including one with a Black Dog hessian camo turret), three from Revell and two from Airfix. They are all crewed with figures from the fantastic AB Figures range.

The Armourfast kits are super cheap and come two in a box, but they do need some dressing up to make them a bit more interesting. I added some aerials, hedge cutters, headlight guards, spot lights, extra tools and stowage. This definitely helps them look more interesting as they come in only a few parts. The hatches can be modelled open or closed which is always handy for adding crew. Decals I used from my endless supply of spares and do not intend to reflect any particular unit. Scale wise they match up well with the Revell kits but are significantly larger than the Airfix Cromwell (advertised as 1/76 scale). When i lined them up altogether you do not really notice the big difference in size, but i am not as pedantic as some. Value for money you cannot really go wrong with Armourfast.

The Revell Cromwell kit is fantastic. This was my third build of this model and it remains the best. I think it is also getting hard to find around the place as I really had to hunt for this one. Plenty of detail and matches the Armourfast kits perfectly in scale. If you can find a kit on line I would be snapping them up

Lastly the Airfix kit is a really nice little tank. It is 1/76 scale so does look a bit smaller, but if you make a complete unit with the same model no one will ever know. See if you can spot the smaller tanks in the photos below. I particularly like their track design with one piece tracks fitting around the road wheels, no stretching or link and length stuff. Easy to build and look really good. Cromwells are great looking tanks and I am happy to have finished this unit now ready for action!

IBG Models and Plastic Soldier Company Bren Carriers with AB Figures crew in 1/72 scale

I have been working on a box of Plastic Soldier Company Bren carriers for a while, along with another carrier from IBG models. The four of them are to create a carrier platoon for my British units. AB figures make a fantastic set of twelve figures, including three drivers, for these vehicles. Plus with the PSC kit you get three vehicles in a box and twelve crewman. These are just three sets of four duplicates, so i only wanted to use set of four, to keep things unique. So sixteen men to paint up first and get ready for their little tracked boxes.

The PSC kits are excellent and just so easy to put together. In such a small vehicle these kits really shine. The tiny tracks are all one piece including the running gear. You can build early or late model carriers with the supplied parts, I wanted spare wheels on the front and two headlights so I am not sure which version that is. I needed to leave the front section off until I had painted the interior and the driver/passenger to make sure it all fitted in ok. The stowage supplied is repeated three times so i added lots of my own stuff to keep it varied. Added a PIAT and SMG plus picks, shovels and fuel cans for some variety. These were super speedy to build and can be dressed up nicely to create individual looking vehicles. The AB figures fit perfectly and make a big improvement over the supplied crew figures. If you are happy having the same crew repeated in each carrier than no need to replace them. No decals are supplied but my IBG kit supplied six different versions of decals so I just pinched three of them. So they are all from different units but it doesn’t bother me….

The IBG version is a different story! If you are not looking for a challenge then I would suggest sticking to the PSC versions. They have made the tiny tracks a bit tricky by having them link and length rather than one piece. If you have carpet at home just forget it. I nearly lost my cool with this endlessly dropping teeny parts and gluing my fingers together. Also the instructions suggest building the whole track in two parts and then attaching it to the wheels. I found it easier (for easier I mean not impossible) to glue the tracks around the sprocket wheel first and build them up. The rest of the kit is excellent, and matches perfectly in size with the PSC kits. Like I said comes with lots of decal options. I have one more of these in my stash somewhere so i will need to take a deep breath before attempting these tracks again…….

Here are the carriers all finished and driving around Normandy somewhere looking to get ambushed by some sneaky Stugs……

Fujimi Opel Blitz Ambulance Truck 1/72 Scale

Another German softskin vehicle to add to my growing armada. I was going to make this just as a regular truck but then seeing the cool red cross decals that come with it I decided to make the ambulance version.

This is the first kit from Fujimi I have ever made and it was a good experience. Easy to build and plenty of detail. The only issues I had were with the back body of the truck sitting at a very wonky angle on the chassis. It needed some surgery and fiddling around to get it close to horizontal. So OK not so easy to build. Maybe i stuffed up which is highly likely but the tilty angle was way off.

Like I mentioned the red cross decals were excellent but I did need to use plenty of decal softener to get the back ones to sink into the truck panelling. The only other thing I did change was the windshield which is a really thick piece of plastic. So I changed it to a thin piece of plastic.

Lots of dusty dirt on this guy and here is next to the Opel Blitz with Flak Gun both ready for some grassy bits and tufts.

Zvezda Panzer IV in 1/72 Scale (again)

To finish off my Panzer IV units i needed one more of them to give me three troops of three tanks. My go to kit is the Zvezda model which is just excellent. It is the best kit in this scale except for the hatches being modelled closed. I have read some people complain about the thickness of the side skirts but it doesn’t bother me.

i added an aerial and also cut out one of the side panels for some interest. Particular nice are the tracks on these models but be careful when attaching to be gentle. That is it for me and the Panzer IV. No more Panzer IV. Panzer IV no more.

i do have three Tigers from Dragon Models which look like a lot of fun. This German armour is never ending!

Sherman Firefly 1/72 Scale

As soon as i had seen that this new Airfix version of the Firefly had been released i was all over it. Well i did check its relative size to my other armour and it works out to be matching size to Armourfast PSC and Unimodel Fireflies that i have. You never know with Airfix 1/72 or 1/76 and exactly what you are getting.

its a great little kit. The tracks are a nice one piece moulding that you place onto the running gear just like their Cromwell. Its a great design and much easier than all that link and length mullarkey. They also provide complete running gear and tracks in one piece which you can alternatively use. They have gone in my spares box to be used no doubt to replace some dodgy vinyl bollocks i am bound to find.

Other great touches are the lift rings that you glue up into the hull on larger fittings through a hole. Great design again rather than chasing tiny lift rings around in the carpet.

My additions were just some stowage and an aerial. Nice decals provided too. Building Airfix kits is always nostalgic but it was a nice surprise to find a new one on the market. Instant nostalgia!!! Here is my new Firefly hunting through some ruins you have seen before.

Esci Opel Blitz with AA Flak Gun

Another great vintage kit I found on eBay for a few pennies. Nicely worn cardboard smelt twenty years old, and the decals had long since passed into browny, crispy bits. As i have found with some of these older kits they really stand up even being twenty years old or more. This one was good fun to build and quite straight forward.

i made some adjustments mainly adding my own clear plastic windshield and also a driver who you cannot see anyway. I did manage to make a pigs ear of attaching the bonnet and had to cover my error with an extra shovel. Looks OK for a cover up. I decided the crew were setting up ready for action so i only dropped one side of the back. The decals came from my pile of spares. The crew are the excellent AB figures who i gave field grey jackets and pea dot camo pants. I did have to remove the back seat of the flak gun as the seated AB dude had his seat welded to his backside. I added a box or two, a panzerfaust and an SMG for some extra protection.

It’s my first bit of anti aircraft equipment for the Germans, but not the last as i have a heap of MACO kits i am saving up for a rainy day!